Ryan's Tips!!!


Hey~ I'm Ryan who had been worked here in last 4 months,

I absolutely enjoyed to stay in Mr.Egg house and Sokcho.

So here l leave you some tips about how to enjoy Sokcho.

It's definitely personal idea, so do not depend on too much :))


Let's start from the mountain first!!!

Most of people visit Sokcho, because of Mt.Seorak(설악산). You should not miss it please~!!

How to get to the Mountain!? Please look at the paper below the front desk :)) Basically there are 3 trekking course. The most famous one is Ulsanbawi (Rock) If you wanna see the view of Sokcho. You definitely should go there. It takes 4hours round trips. (If you have a normal physical condition.) But It's quite steep to get there. Second one is Biseondae and Geumganggul(cave). It takes only 2hours round trips). The way to get there is quite gentle. And you can see the beautiful valley and amazing rocks there too. The last one is waterfalls. It's easy to get there. but if you are in the middle of dry season. you can not see nice waterfall. So I recommend you to do first one and second one first, after that if you have extra energy and time, try the last one. Oh~ There is one more option!! Cable car!! If you are lazy enough? Try that!!(It costs 10,000won-round trips)


Maybe someone's gonna curious about the peak of the mountain. Yes!! There is the peak(Daecheongbong). But It's totally different story from another route.

If you wanna get there. It takes around 10hours. It means you should start from early morning. And you need to take Intercity bus from the intercity bus terminal. (The bus time table - 6:40/7:50/8:50......) If you do not want to hurry in the mountain. please take the first bus or second one. There are many ways to climb the peak. here I recommend you Osaek route. It's quite steep and boring. But the shortest!! Hit the top quickly and enjoy to come down. If you come down to Biseondae and Seorak Park. you can come back to the town by local bus.

There are many another routes to come up and down. But here I give you the most common route. If you wanna explore the mountain more, take the map of the mountain,(you can get it in the guesthouse or information center) and explore by yourself. It would be amazing!!


Second. About the beach.

There are some beaches along the east side. The widest and the most famous one in Sokcho is Sokcho Beach. I personally like Deungdae Beach. It is quite narrower than other beaches, but more quite, and more clean. If someone wanna go to the beach with little child, it would be good option. Because It's shallow too.


Third. Talk about the lake.

There are two lakes in Sokcho. I would say very simply. Yeongnangho lake is more peaceful and much closer from the guest house. So I prefer go there in the morning or daytime. But in the evening or night, I recommend you to go another lake(Cheongchoho Lake). The night view in that lake is more beautiful than another one.




Sunrise point ? You can go to Yeongguemjeong Sunrise Pavilion. Find it on the map of Sokcho. It takes 15minutes on foot. Besides Beombawi Rock in Yeongnangho Lake is nice place to see sunset. Seorak-daegyo Bridge also nice place to see it.


What about DMZ? It's not really good option to go there from Sokcho. It's closer from here, but quite complicated. You can not go there by public transportation. You should lent car or taxi. And It costs a lot. (around 100,000 won) So I recommend you to go to Seoul to get to DMZ.


Food?? It's most difficult question for me. Just go to Sokcho Tourist Fisheries Market and try something new. I will wish you luck ;))


I've already told you that Those are all about my personal idea. So just take some advices, and enjoy your travel. I hope you have good time in Sokcho and Korea.


**If anyone come back here to see me, or have any question from me, feel free to contact me. (Ryan Park :

**I came back to my home town(Busan). But Sooner or later I will travel around the world like youguys. So see you around somewhere.


Best Wishes


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